Ever since venturing into the trading business in 2000, our company has always been driven to provide our clients with products that brings boundless energy and imagination.  We have effectively made use of our resources to bridge products and users through connecting with carefully selected manufacturers.  In a span of ten years, we have evolved from being a trader/supplier of unbranded toys to being a trusted licensee and distributor of some of the world’s best loved brands.

Everyone at JSPGC works with effective service tools to shape our programs based on the needs and objectives of our most important clients – the children.



“We are a professionally-managed and socially responsible Company providing a wide selection of innovative fun products that will be a part of every life’s journey.”



“We are 3 in 3.”


Core Values

Being honest and having strong moral principles, trustworthy, and honorable. Upholds one’s self to consistently moral and ethical standards even if no one knows about it.
Strongly believes in the Company’s goals and exerts considerable efforts on behalf of the organization. Fully dedicates one’s self to the job, especially when times are tough.   Invests the necessary effort and action to complete assignments and achieve one’s objectives.
Works collaboratively with other employees in order to achieve goals. Achieves synergy by sharing competencies, experience and resources with the team.
Develops creative solutions and puts them into action. Tries new ways of doing things and improves on them at every opportunity. Transforms new ideas into goods or services that create value for customers.
Puts one’s own interests behind other’s interests (Company, co-employees, community, environment, etc).   Works extra hours to finish tasks or assignments without expecting anything in return. Goes out of one’s way to help co-employees in difficult tasks.   Uses prudence in the use of Company resources.
Continuously improves to attain highest quality of goods and services. Delivers on what is promised and adds value that goes beyond what is expected. Intensely focused on internal and/or external customers’ needs and meet those with a sense of urgency.