RUX Says: Get your Children into Bicycling!

Published: 17th January, 2018

Getting your children into a healthy routine will have lifelong benefits. But which form of exercise is best for them?

Bicycle for kids provides an opportunity for a low-stress exercise, making it both beneficial and entertaining. Riders’ Unique Experience (RUX) is here to remind Moms and Dads about these many physical and emotional benefits through the “Get your Children into Bicycling!” Facebook campaign.

As a form of exercise, bicycling will improve your children’s physical fitness. Getting the little ones to spend time outside and exercise has been shown to improve their moods, veering them away from depression.

In addition, children who bicycle to school perform better than those who travel by car. Several studies involving actual teachers have pointed out that little ones who get exercise before going to school are more alert and ready to learn. Getting fresh air is an added bonus; something great to wake up to!

Bicycling is a form of free entertainment too! Quick rides to the park are way more fun than any other game. It doesn’t require additional expenses, which means that you get a little extra in your pockets!

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